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Packaging solutions for your business needs.

Custom Printing - 02 9550 1616

We can put your logo on any bags shown below and custom bags.


We can make bags in any sizes, thickness, printed and plain bags by order


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We manufacture here locally in Sydney.

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Tel:           (02)9550-1616 / (02) 9550 2202

Fax:               (02)9550-5154


 We manufacture & print/ custom here locally in Sydney.


Here are some of the standard sizes that we make and we make in different colours.

Please use this as a guide.


150x230 (6x9) 60UM  
200x300 (8x12) 60UM  
300x400 (12x16) 60UM  
300x400(12x16) 75UM  
350x450(14x18) 60UM  
350x450(14x18) 75UM  
400x500(16x20) 60UM  
400x500(16x20) 75UM  
500x660(20x26) 75UM